Should you buy a Urinator to pass the urine drug test

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Urinator and its uses ?

Before talking about urinator let’s find out what’s the need for such devices.

As the corporates are growing & technology is continuously evolving, Drug tests are getting common in almost most of the organisation, so either you have got a high paying job or are currently working in any organisation there are huge chances you may be asked for a drug test.


The urine drug test is one of the common drug tests, which most of the corporates take to check that they aren’t choosing any drug addict as their employee.

This type of drug test creates a risk for a large number of employees, mostly to those who have consumed drugs or prohibited substances recently.

You might be thinking that you are safe as you consumed drugs or prohibited substances on a weekend only for enjoyment, but this enjoyment can ruin your career if you are caught in the drug screening as some elements from the drugs might stay in your body for a long period of time. 

Though most of the employees or staff have found a solution to this problem, you might be thinking they have stop chilling out & partying on weekends to save their high paying jobs, no you are wrong. 

They have found a temporary solution to this drug screening test so that they don’t have to give up their enjoyment.

To clear the screening they buy anyone else urine or uses the urine of their relatives but using such urine can be risky, as sometimes it may give you unexpected result because you may not know if the person, whose urine you are using might also have used drugs recently, unintentionally this can appear in a bad result ruining your carrier.

The question arises, what can you do now or can Synthetic urine help?

The answer is yes, but here is a catch Synthetic urine can help you pass the test but now it can’t, You might be wondering have I gone mad. No, but due to advancement in technology now 

a day to provide a better result & improve the efficiency of Urine drug test, the testing kit uses sensors that detect the temperature of the sample urine provided for a test if your urine temperature is not correct you will fail the test.  

Therefor devices like the Urinator is used.

So let’s find out 


What is Urinator & Can it help to pass the drug test

So if you are just using synthetic urine you will fail the test for sure because of the urine temperature it will be easily identified that its fake urine, & to avoid this misshapening while using synthetic urine, a device called urinator is recommended & used to pass the test. 

But what is urinator, well in simple words Urinator is a delivery system for synthetic urine.

This device is used to deliver synthetic urine in a natural way so that you can pass the test easily without getting noticed. 

Before you get any doubt, let me tell you that the device is small & concealable, making it to use perfectly without much suspicion of getting noticed.  The Urinator is a pouch attached with a tube & a heating element. 

The pouch is small and can be easily hidden within your clothes, the little tube attached with it is used to fill and empty the pouch.

The main advantage of a Urinator is that it doesn’t look like a penis at all, so it can be used by both male & females. 

Urinator is a battery-powered device which makes it easy to use without any issue of getting noticed.

But the device being battery powered doesn’t come with a battery, you have to buy it separately, 

It uses a 9-volt battery to power the heating element. 


How to Use Urinator to clear the URINE drug test? 

Well, using the urinator is an easy task anyone can use it easily, but it’s advised & good to practice using urinator, you can do the practice with the water, as you only get 1synthetic urine pouch & that you will need during your urine test, so use water to get your hands on urinator,  try to hide the tube under your genitals, & empty it at a natural speed.

With some practice, you can easily use a urinator without any hassle, though using it is very easy, but we recommend practising it because nowadays there is a huge possibility that someone might follow you in the bathroom & will spectate you during the process to make sure that you are not fooling them.  

But don’t worry as urinator is a small and concealable device which you can hide and use it without any suspect of getting noticed. Just practice to hide the tube under your genitals & empty it at best possible natural speed, you would easily pass the test & would not be noticed.

Urinator Review:

Urinator is the best device to use to pass the urine drug test, though the synthetic urine provided with the kit is not as great as other synthetic urine in the market but you are free too use any synthetic urine, besides that the device is good & works effectively, to make you pass the test. And does the job of delivering your pee naturally at an ideal temperature.


 Q.  best way to keep pee warm.

 Ans. You can use a urinator to keep pee warm. It’s the best & efficient way to maintain urine temperature.


 Q.  how to keep urine warm without hand warmers?

  Ans. You can use a urinator to keep pee warm without hand warmers.


Q. how long does urine stay warm in a pill bottle?

  Ans. Depends on many factors like how warm is your urine, what is the temperature of the surroundings etc.


 Q. will hand warmers overheat urine.

 Ans. No. they can’t as it would take too much time to even heat the urine with this method.


 Q. how long does pee stay warm?

  Ans. Depends on your pee temperature & your surrounding temperature.


 Q. how to keep urine at body temperature?

  Ans. The best and easy way is to use a urinator.


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