Marijuana Drug Test Kit

Marijuana Test kit

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Worry about drug Test ?

Worry about a surprise drug test and consumed drugs recently don’t worry now you can test the presence of the drug in your body by yourself with a marijuana test kit, it will help you find out the presence of a drug in your body so that you can prepare for the urine drug test accordingly and get favourable results in it.

Marijuana Drug Test Kit
Marijuana Drug Test Kit

There are many urine drug test kit available in the market but their accuracy is undetermined and questionable, though there are many drug test kit that is reputed and trustworthy.

Marijuana test kit from ITG LABS is one of them on which you can count on, they might not sound too familiar but you have heard Testclear a big name in the detoxifying industry this

marijuana drug test kit Is sold from the there official website.

These products are designed in such a way that even a newbie can use it without any worry.

This marijuana test kits cost around $19.95 but if you buy from test clear you can easily grab it for $9.95 without any worry.

You will receive one single-use marijuana urine test strips and an instruction manual in the box.

So if you are anyone who is a casual cannabis smoker and is encountered with a surprise drug test don’t panic, just get yourself marijuana test kit and check by yourself the presence of cannabis, to determine the next step. If you are waiting to pass it naturally you can use them to

find if you are on safer side or not on the drug test day, as they can stay in your body for as long as 1 week.

How to use them ?

Using the kit is also easy It’s designed in such a way that you can use it at home easily no skills needed to use home marijuana test kit

 Here are some steps below which can help you find out how to use marijuana test kit:


  • Unpack the content – you will see one single-use test strip inside.
  • Always make sure that your pouch is around room temperature before opening it.

Open the pouch only when you are going to use it, when you feel like or get an urge to pee open the pouch.

  • Remove the cap on the test end & follow the arrow. Once ready take your urine sample

& dip the test panel as pointed by the arrow for 10 to 15 seconds, make sure that the sample doesn’t pass the arrow while testing.

  • After the test rests the test kit on a non-absorbent surface for 5 to 10 minutes, It’s advised to check the final result after 10 minutes when lines are mostly clearer for accuracy.

Indication to identify the result through  kit:

For negative:

If two lines appear, one coloured line should be in the control region and another apparent coloured or a faded coloured line adjacent should be in the test reason.

Congratulation this indication shows that your drug level is below the detectable level.

Note: One thing to consider is that the colour of the test line region can vary but it is considered a negative result only.

For Positive:

If one coloured line appears in the control region, & no line in the test region, it means your drug concentration is beyond detectable level.


If no line appears in the control region means your test is failed due to incorrect techniques or Insufficient volume as these are the most common reasons behind the control line failure. 

Review the procedure & repeat the test using a new test panel.

So what are you waiting for check your cannabis drug level by using a marijuana test strip & stay safe without any worry of a drug test.

This product is good for the occasional user of marijuana who wants to make sure that they are on a safer side or not in a surprise urine drug test.


Q: How to test for thc at home?

Ans: Use Home marijuana test kit to easily test for thc at home. 


Q: Where can i buy the test strips or where to buy marijuana drug test?

Ans: You can buy it online easily on without any second thought of quality issues as its one of the most trusted site.


Q: how to test your urine for thc at home?

Ans: You can use your urine for thc at home with the help of a marijuana test kit with your urine sample.

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